Company history in brief

The history of Expocentre is inextricably linked with how the exhibition industry in Russia has emerged and developed


Their hard work laid the foundation for the development of exhibition business in Russia


In 1977 the first pavilion was put up on the Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment

Flagship exhibitions

Expocentre runs 36 own trade shows, many of which have, over the years, proven their effectiveness and importance

News archive

Exhibition posters

The posters of Expocentre’s shows reflect the history of the company as much as the entire history of the Russian exhibition business

The history of the Russian Exhibition and Convention Company Expocentre is closely connected with the history of the USSR and Russia and with the history of development of the Russian exhibition and convention industry. Expocentre, having embodied the whole complex of exhibition and convention activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR many years ago, is the oldest and, at the same time, modern exhibition and convention company with a vast experience in organizing and running of international trade shows in Russia and national group stands at the World Exhibitions and international trade shows abroad. Many international exhibitions held at Expocentre have become world-known Russian brands.

Expocentre arranges stand-alone conventions and events associated with international exhibitions. The history of construction and development of Expocentre Fairgrounds, a state-of-the-art convention and exhibition platform in the centre of Moscow, also arouses interest.